lxyalmarquis said: // p. sure it was ur landlord

jokyoukou said: chokes over the 74 y/o landlord part jfc— you say everything in such deadpan manner that it’s unsettling sometimes…

Someone with a little more time and creativity, I’d imagine, could make an interesting story out of it. Have Souji/Yukiko ruminate on the meaning of love in a closed space, which bears resemblance to the Amagi Inn, only for them to realize that they’re shadows, not the real article, and they’re in the TV looking out.

As for the landlord bit, well. You know what they say.

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Had a dream about Yukiko. I was Souji and we were in bed with her on top of my chest. The perfume she wore to school hadn’t faded any, the feel of her moist, pert body coalescing onto mine. We talked about the meaning of love as the world outside grew pink.

Or it could’ve all been real and my 74 year-old landlord managed to sneak into my room. Life has a very strange way of revealing things and I just go along for the ride.

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I’ll indulge some more.

When they come of age, Shinjiro’ll tell Akihiko all about the best dives in town, educate him on the different kinds of spirits and wines, things to make him stand on equal footing on a dinner date with the immaculately meticulous Mitsuru (I even went out of my way to worm AkiMitsu in this; you owe me).

Or if we’re going the “two wild and crazy guys route,” then they’re both hilariously inept at playing the field and need Koromaru to attract any prospective women. This still gives them no play. Why?

Everyone thinks they’re a gay couple walking their dog.

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Reblog with your characters face when he/she is looking at the booty




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{☥} - “Senpai! Thank goodness you’re home!” The axe wielder had been just who she’d been looking for. “Listen are you good with mice or rats or gross things like that?” Because as much as Junpei boasted about his superior rat slaying skills, she’s sure she’d heard a scream just now.


"I have to return some videotapes," he interrupted her mid-sentence, somehow having procured a collection of VHS cartridges with very suggestive titles. "But, listen. I’m sure you and smelly over there will figure something out."

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Shinjiro Aragaki → Persona (Castor)

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from the start


It was a false assumption to believe that she was ready for this. Up until now, only snide comments and minor mentions had passed her ears about the man in her sight. He wasn’t anything like she expected. But, such is life, no matter how low the aforementioned was within this man.

"…" The cough caught her off guard, going as far as making her hesitant to retrieve the payment. She realized there were effects, although, precisely what, she hadn’t the slightest. "… A-are you okay?" A sense of compassion and sympathy coats her tone of voice as she gently approached him for the trade. It’s a stupid question. He sounded far from okay, and even less inviting.

"I guess… you don’t have to answer me."


“…then I won’t.” He spoke between coughs, his voice lacking its characteristic bass. He already regretted his insult. Not because of the nature of the remark but rather, wasting his breath on someone who was, ostensibly, a conduit, a messenger, a middleman. Her job was to deliver Package A to Location B, no strings attached. Any compassion she had fell on deaf ears; they were merely two people working under the aegis of business. Anything else would be unprofessional. The coughing stopped.

His hand remained clutched on his chest, just in case. “Shouldn’t you be going? I gave you the money.”


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